Boost Your Income and Pay Your Bills with These 10 Weekend Jobs

Bills are not easy for everyone to manage – especially when it feels like your expenses keep piling up. You may even be at a point where your debt is larger than your income.

This is an extremely stressful situation to find yourself in, and unfortunately, more and more people experience such a challenge. Luckily, there are cash management and loan services that can help you make ends meet when you’re in a crunch.

The best thing to rely on, though, is yourself.

Start making a long-term plan to get out of the pile of debt you’ve landed in. One way to speed up the process is by working a weekend job. This is a simple sacrifice now that can create a significant amount of financial freedom later.

To explore the kind of weekend jobs that might be suitable for you, check out our list of popular side jobs below.

1. Waiting Tables

Being a waiter or a waitress may not be the most glamorous job you’ve ever thought of, but it can definitely help pay the bills. Not to mention, it’s a pretty simple field to get into.

You will need some sort of customer service experience, which is preferably related to restaurant work. But, if you’re a regular at a local place or know someone who already works at a restaurant, you may have an in. Take advantage of it!

2. Bartending

Maybe you’re better at making drinks than taking food orders.

If so, find weekend jobs being a bartender. You may stumble upon one steady gig every Saturday or Sunday, or become a bartender for a few places at a time. Such a situation allows you to rotate your weekend hours and days, while still making the extra money you need.

Plus, it’s a lifestyle that always keeps you on your toes and interacting with new people.

3. Barista Work

As fun as bartending can be, if you’re more of a morning person than a night owl, it’s not the job for you. Swap out making alcoholic drinks with pouring coffee, and you may be onto something.

Making coffee is the basic requirement of being a barista. There are also plenty of people skills involved with this line of work, and a passion for or knowledge about coffee doesn’t hurt.

4. Dishwashing

Depending on the environment of the food service establishment you apply to, you may have to work your way up the ladder. Some places have you learn the absolute basics before you get to the front of the house as a server, or behind the bar making drinks.

Don’t shy away from rolling up your sleeves and washing a few dishes.

Dishwashing may not be the first of all weekend jobs that come to mind, but it’s still something that helps offset the debt you’ve accumulated.

5. Babysitting

What’s one step up from dirty dishes and food scraps? Changing diapers. In all seriousness, being a babysitter is a beautiful weekend job.

If you personally know some parents that could use a break, this gives you bonding time with a child that will likely grow up to be in your life somehow. If none of your friends or family have young children, there are still ways to become a reputable babysitter and earn some extra cash.

Either way, babysitting is much more than a weekend job. It’s a fulfilling role to take on as you watch over and develop a relationship with the child you’re watching.

6. Dogsitting

Not a fan of babies or young children? What about dogs?

Owning pets isn’t exactly as much of a responsibility as having kids, but many dog owners still find a need for a sitter from time to time. Dogsitters are the perfect solution when people with dogs want to get away for a weekend or just spend a night out without worrying about the dog’s safety and care.

That’s where you come in. Being a dogsitter is as simple as spending time with the family pet, feeding it, and letting it out.

Dogsitting weekend jobs range from watching one pet all day to being a dog walker for multiple pets at once. By the way, if you choose the latter, you can make more money once you get enough clients!

7. Housesitting

Another thing people care about around the same amount that they do their children and pets is their home.

When homeowners go away, they want to ensure their house is in good shape and hire a housesitter. Being a housesitter may require you to stop by a person’s home throughout the day and take care of simple tasks – like watering plants and checking the mail.

Other times, homeowners may pay you to stay in their home and keep a more attentive eye on everything.

8. Freelancing

If none of the weekend jobs listed so far are speaking to you, it may be time to brush up on some of your creative skills. Consider becoming a freelancing writer, photographer, web builder, or graphic designer.

Such skills are hot right now, and you’re sure to find at least a handful of people who need these services. Keep in mind, though, freelancing work won’t fall in your lap. You need to be confident in your skills and know how to pitch to make this a viable option for you.

9. Special Event Work

How are you supposed to tell people you’re a freelancer if you don’t have a portfolio ready? By working special events for free or cheap, just for a few weekends to get started.

Special events open opportunities for other weekend jobs, too.

You may find the chance to help catering companies during such occasions, or develop a passion for something like DJing or event security. These jobs are exciting, interesting, and well-paying when you find the right gig.

10. Tourism and Hospitality Work

The best gig may be things you’ve grown used to in your own backyard.

For example, if you’re located near Johannesburg or Cape Town, you can definitely make use of the buzzing tourism industry in South Africa.

There are many kinds of job roles and schedules available within tourism and hospitality. The trick is to find the skills and schedule that best fit what you’re able to do. Who knows, this may even result in an entirely new career for you!

Weekend Jobs and Debt Management

Working a few weekend jobs here or there, or getting one consistent job to build your income regularly, is only one part of making ends meet. There is a big road ahead of you if you’re stuck in debt and trying to get out.

The good news is, as much as you’ll have worked hard in another job, it will be that much more rewarding once all your debt is paid off.

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