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14 ways to make money online fast in South Africa (2022 GUIDE)

If you are looking for ways to make money online in South Africa, you are in the right place.

There are a lot of opportunities online for anyone that wants to make a little extra money. From a part-time hustle to an all-out digital career, there are loads of ways that you can make money with an electronic device, and a connection to the internet.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ways to make money online in South Africa. No matter what your skillset may be, there is probably more than one way for you to make an online income!

How to make money online in South Africa?

  1. Paid Surveys with SurveyNow

    Did you know that thousands of South Africans earn extra income by simply participating in online surveys to help local companies improve their products?

    Finally, now you have an opportunity to do this as well! Survey Now has a unique ability to aggregate all available online survey panels in South Africa and offer them to their users on a weekly basis, so sign up today and get access to loads of surveys and cash-earning opportunities.

    How to get started:

    Sign up and activate your free account.
    – Complete your profile, to ensure you qualify for more surveys.
    – Take surveys and watch your account balance grow.

  2. Selling Your Photos Online

    Selling photos is a wonderful way to make money online if you have an aptitude for photography. Two popular platforms that you can try are Shutterlock and Unsplash. Every platform will have different requirements, but they will all pay you in hard cash.

    Though the photography market is quite hectic, it’s still a good method of gaining a passive income if you’re persistent and professional. Plus, the opportunity for additional sales is higher when your photos become popular.

    Many companies need photos of landscapes, and we all know that South Africa has some of the most majestic scenery in the world. In some cases, a smartphone is enough to get started, depending on the stock photo site you choose.

  3. Be a Freelance Content Writer

    Think it’s impossible to make money online by using your own writing skills?

    Think again!

    Freelance writing is a serious online business.

    The internet enters most areas of our life, and the need for blog articles and various types of content is exploding. There are many kinds of online writing work, and many people need things like product descriptions or simple reviews.

    Before going further in this direction, you first need to set up a blog or website. This will be an amazing portfolio where you can demonstrate to potential clients or businesses that you can deliver great work.

    A LinkedIn profile can be created to function as an online portfolio as well.

    Don’t forget that many writing clients will want to see specialized work, so be sure to consider what area you would like to specialize in. The pay for online writing varies, but with some practice, you should be able to make a decent part-time income.

  4. Sell Unwanted Goods

    Have items that you’re not into anymore?

    You can sell your unwanted stuff to people who want it and make your side business a real money maker. There’s plenty of options to use for sales such as Gumtree or Amazon. Don’t forget to do some research and see what assets have recently been sold so you have a target price.

    If you like the business, you can sell other people’s goods as well. Many people don’t have the time or patience to sell goods online, and you can do it for them. If you charge a reasonable percentage of the sales, you can make a solid business out of selling used goods online.

  5. Build a Personal blog/website

    Not only can you write for companies to gain income but you’re also able to run your own blog to raise money as well. Set your expectations at a reasonable level because this job requires consistent practice and lots of patience.

    Bloggers make a profit, often through press coverage, advertising products, and writing sponsored guest posts. You will need to run the blog for a while before you can expect to see any profits, but it is very simple to get started.

    Check out some of the other ideas on this list for ways to leverage a blog for greater income, like selling drop shipped items.

  6. Legitimate Remote Jobs can Pay Real Money

    Many companies are heading to a work-from-home style of business since this type of model helps save money, and eliminates the risk of illnesses. People are completely flexible while working for a company and selecting where they decide to spend their time.

    CrowdSource, for example, hires remote writers, editors, and other jobs that can be done easily from anywhere. Companies like Fast Chart offer work-from-home options for medical transcriptionists. You can also try seeking opportunities at LiveOps, a call center staff.

    You might be surprised at how much time and money you save when you work at home. There is no transit, and you can cook for yourself. Think about it!

  7. Become a Dropshipper

    Dropshipping is not a strange term, especially when eCommerce is booming.

    Anyone can be a dropshipper since the work requires low investment at the beginning and also guarantees minimal risk. The system operates by purchasing the stock (goods) from a third party supplier or manufacturer, who then fulfills the customer’s request.

    You don’t have to shop or handle goods in advance because the product comes directly from the vendors whenever an order is placed by a customer. There are many dropshipping platforms out there, and some are basically free to use.

    You will need to figure out how to market the goods, which is where a blog or website comes in very handy.

  8. Become a Virtual Assistant

    If your management and communication skills are good, virtual support is an ideal job for you. You can offer a number of services as a virtual assistant, including document management, bookkeeping, and project monitoring.

    You will help people around the world excel in their online business as long as you have some simple technological skills. You may have a boss that is in the EU, and a team that is spread across four time zones.

    Deadlines and effective communication are crucial to success as a virtual assistant. Another advantage is the opportunity to learn from the online business owner that you assist. This free education may benefit if you want to create your own online business in the future.

  9. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a popular method of making money online in South Africa and across the world. You can sell into a variety of markets with this business model, and make money almost anywhere.

    You can generate revenue from product sales. In other words, affiliate marketers will refer readers to a lot of products and get a small cut from them. Once a customer/reader buys products, you will earn a commission.

    A widely known approach is to start creating your own blog in a specific niche and to establish a trustworthy community that can purchase your promotions. Unlike dropshipping, you simply get a commission and have no other responsibilities.

    So easy! Check out SA’s leading affiliate network –

  10. YouTuber!

    Another great online business that you can consider is a tutorial or review channel on YouTube. Significant revenues come from these sources if you stay with it long enough and you have the passion to make great videos.

    Tutorial videos show people what to do, from baking, hair styling, and dressing to gaming. You simply record the video in an interesting way and put them live on YouTube. This is an excellent way of teaching skills and generating income.

    You can also produce review videos for common products, and set yourself up to be an influencer. Don’t forget to market the products you review and make some extra money!

  11. eCommerce Seller

    If you’re familiar with the way eCommerce functions and have solid marketing skills, it is time to become an eCommerce seller. We can’t talk about e-commerce without mentioning Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce site with immense retailer revenue opportunities.

    South Africa is among the countries that are served by Amazon.

    Start to set up your account with the confirmation of contact, a local number, and an international credit or debit card. The initial step is to check out the bestselling rating (BSR) for specific items, which are items that can be potentially marketed on the website.

    Once you come up with a specific type of product to sell, the next step is to research and select the best wholesalers who stock those products at your budget and buy the number of units you need.

    Unlike dropshipping, being a seller means you need to buy stock in advance, which can be both risky and costly. But considering lucrative profits, it’s an amazing chance to sell products on one of the world’s largest markets.

  12. Online Business with Etsy

    Try selling DIY designs and crafts on Etsy if you’re a skilled maker. An Etsy shop is basically free to operate, and you can make real money with the platform. Once your registration is complete, you can start posting photos of your works, and people can purchase your products.

    There is really no limit to what can be sold on Etsy, but make sure that you are able to send your goods to other countries, as many buyers are likely to be in the EU or North America.

    A PayPal account is important to have and also a popular payment choice so that customers can pay you quickly. Take nice pictures of the items to help draw purchasers into a sale. Make sure that you have good customer service as well, or you won’t be selling on the platform for very long!

  13. Try Your Luck at an Online Lotto

    Like any lotto, an online lotto isn’t a business so much as it is a gamble.

    If you want to bet your money on the outcome of a lottery, there are numerous sites that will allow you to do just that. Remember, the likelihood of winning a lottery is very small, so never play with money you need for something important.

    There are many sites that allow you to take play lotteries from other nations as well, such as:

    Lotto Star:

    If you would like to play some of the larger lotteries from the US, UK and EU, these sites will let you do just that. Be sure to look for reviews if you decide to play on sites that aren’t the official South African Lotto (Ithuba National Lottery), as they may offer clients varying levels of service.

  14. Forex Trading

    You might have heard about trading FOREX or Contract For Difference (CFD) trading.

    The basics of this online money-making are simple. You will choose a currency pair, and bet on the direction of one currency vs. the other. For example, you could speculate that the EURO will appreciate vs. the RAND (or just about any currency).

    If you are correct, and then sell the contract, you will make profits. While this might sound easy, most people who do this lose money.

    In addition to currency, most retail FOREX brokers will allow you to trade in other markets, such as commodities, or shares. If you are looking for a reliable income, this probably isn’t right for you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind taking on risks, trading FOREX can be extremely profitable.

Get Out There and Start Earning!

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can make money online in South Africa. Remember that not every online work site is going to be 100% honest, and that you should never pay for a specific job opportunity.

Some job sites will charge a monthly fee (although most will offer you a free trial) and this is to be expected. Make sure that you read some honest reviews about any site you are considering and know that it isn’t a scam.

There are loads of legit sites out there, so happy job hunting!