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7 Common Reasons Why People Need Fast Loans

Let’s just put this out there: unless you’re a trustafarian (see trust fund baby) or the money tree magically shakes its branches for you every time a bill arrives in the mail, you’ve seen the darker side of needing fast loans.

We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. Don’t be ashamed. A LOT of folks just like yourself find themselves in similar predicaments.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You can recall digging through every crevice of your car for loose change.
  • You decline social engagements and stay home, only to find your Netflix subscription has been canceled due to insufficient funds (doh)!
  • You show up early to work in order to stock up on the free Kind bars.
  • Your gas tank has been on ‘E’ for the last three days and you’re hoping you’ll make it home.

So what got you to that point? The following all-too-common scenarios might be the culprit.

You Need Money Now. Fast Loans are Quick and Easy

Turns out that unless you live in Luxembourg or Switzerland, it can be a bit tricky to save money. The fact is, most people are never taught how to properly handle money. We’re left to learn through the school of hard knocks.

Almost everyone who has ever held a job has been in a ‘paycheck-to-paycheck’ situation, or even a ‘job-free’ situation (like my P.C. twist?). Sometimes we all need a money bump here or there to help us make it through.

Fast loans are exactly that: usually easy to obtain and you walk out with cash. No credit check. No application. Sometimes we all need this to make it to the next pay day.

Who Needs a Bank Anyway?

There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to use a bank for some quick cash. Lengthy applications and credit checks can waste precious time that you might need.

Depending on your situation, you could be paying for a medical or health emergency bill. In these instances, the problem is exacerbated. Without your health, you can’t work. Without your car, you can’t get to work.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you need to avoid your bank in order to pay for an emergency expense. In scenarios like these, fast loans can be an absolute godsend.

Your Credit Score Has Seen Better Days

You missed one payment. And now you’re made to suffer for SEVEN YEARS! Because of your low credit score. Screw you, all banks that ever existed!

If your credit score has been dinged and you’re finding it hard to acquire loans that don’t ask you to sign over the soul of your firstborn child, fast loans might be the answer for you.

One day soon you’ll be able to drive past that bank and not give it the finger, I promise you!

Never Putting Good Money After Bad

It’s easy to fall into the debt hamster wheel. We get it. While you’re learning that this is not a good feeling in your soul, sometimes you need to use debt to pay other debt.

While you need to be careful here, sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars in interest and fees by using fast loans to pay down credit card or other debts.

Bang! Life Emergency…

You’ll never feel as humbled as when a complete stranger pulls over in rush hour traffic and helps you push your jalopy to the nearest gas station.

Or how about when you find out your ‘disaster’ health insurance covers NO PART of your emergency room bill. Maybe you shouldn’t have taken up horse jumping, after all.

It’s these kinds of situations where you learn the many benefits of having AAA, medical coverage and an emergency savings account.

If this is an afterthought for you, sometimes it takes awhile to learn life’s lessons. In the meantime, fast loans can cover you for these emergencies, which must be paid for.

Don’t balk, just pay. You need your health and a mode of transportation. Enough said.

This Too Shall Pass

According to a PEW study, sixty-nine percent of borrowers use fast loans to pay for things like utilities and grocery bills. Unexpectedly, sixteen percent use fast loans for emergencies, like an auto or health bill.

Sometimes life can get hard and we need some extra cash to get us through. Isn’t it better to use a fast loan to pay that electricity bill instead of suffering in the cold? What about feeding your family?

Fast loans can be a quick solution to get you through a dry spell. It’s nice knowing that these tough times ebb and flow. Fast loans can see you through to the other side.

You’d Rather Die a Game of Thrones Death Than Ask Mom or Dad for Money

You finished college years ago. You haven’t told mom and dad you lost your job and your rent is going up.

You’re in that place. THAT one. We totally get it.

You remember those shame-filled telephone lectures (blech! why don’t parents just text?). The walk of shame (and not the good kind) to the bank or credit union (hoodie pulled down) where you collected your dirty allowance, only to ‘accidentally’ blow it on PBR that same night.

It makes you feel dirty just thinking about it, now doesn’t it? Well, there’s no need to feel the shame anymore.

While you’re on the job hunt, you still need to fill your gas tank, don’t you? Until you land that gig you’ve been dying for, fast loans can help you appear like you’ve made it out of your ramen stage.

Let’s Learn From This, Young Padawan.

Now that you understand the many different scenarios where people might need to take advantage of fast loans, you want to be prepared.

Find a reputable place to go in case you find yourself in one of these scenarios. Well, guess what? We have a one-stop-shop for you. Looking after your best interests,

Looking after your best interests, we not only provide you with fast loans, but we educate you on how to prepare yourselves for those rainy days.

Because it’s not an ‘if’ scenario, it’s a ‘when’ scenario.

Life happens. Be prepared.



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