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    How Do Small Loans Work?

    How do Small Loans Work?

    Are you in need of cash but can’t afford a big loan? Don’t fret, you’re not the only one. Many people struggle with securing a loan for themselves. There are many reasons as to why, bad credit scores, insurmountable debt, or unrealistic interest rates are what prevent people from getting approved for a big loan most […]

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    How to Use the Envelope System to Save Money

    envelope system

    Saving money can be difficult and almost feel impossible sometimes. You have bills to pay, emergencies to tend to and everyday life to live that requires multiple expenses. A lot of people even live paycheck to paycheck and never think they’ll be able to save money. It’s normal to feel bogged down by money concerns […]

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    5 Important Tips for Using Personal Loans to Build Credit

    personal loans to build credit

    A 2017 survey established that the number of South Africans relying on loans from financial institutions is on the decline – down 14 percent from 21 percent in 2016. Instead, borrowers are turning to microlenders and family and friends. Why is this the case? Well, about 33 percent of people in South Africa have no […]

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    5 Simple Single Mom Budgeting Tips

    single mom budgeting

    In South Africa, 39 percent of children live with their mother only. If you’re a single mom, you know that living on one income while raising kids is difficult at best. But there’s hope. Learning about personal finance and how to budget is a great first step. It leads to a lifetime of good financial […]

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    Ways to Save: Electricity Saving Tips for Around the House

    electricity saving tips

    While many people are talking about an energy crisis, few are talking about the stability, security, and improved economic opportunities of cutting back. Saving electricity saves you money and improves the health of the planet. A few electricity saving tips could make your home more conservative. Here are 3 simple solutions you could implement today. […]

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    Cash or Credit: Which Is Best?

    cash or credit

    Cash or credit? Which spending method is safer? Neither is. Safe spending depends on careful planning, not method of payment. But both cash and credit have their pros and cons in different situations. Learn the best uses for cash and credit using the comparison below. Cash: Pros Cash is accepted pretty much everywhere. Though there […]

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    What Is Considered Bad Credit and How to Fix It

    what is considered bad credit

    Do you know what is considered bad credit? As many as 50 percent of South Africans may have bad credit. However, many of them aren’t aware that they have it. After all, bad credit isn’t the same as terrible credit. You might feel like you’ve done everything right, but still have a score below the […]

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    How Does Interest Work? 4 Things You Need to Know

    how does interest work

    Most important financial decisions that a person makes have some kind of relationship to the idea of interest. Interest can seem complicated, but it’s actually relatively simple once you get the general idea. There are different kinds of interest, and all of them claim to have some kind of benefit over the other kinds. In […]

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    How to Open a Bank Account for Teens

    bank account for teens

    Today, many adults struggle to maintain their finances. In fact, 94% of South African citizens are unable to retire comfortably, according to the IOL Personal Finance website. And, some say that unhealthy money management is likely to continue with the next generation, as well. While millennials may be making more money than their parents did, […]

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    Credit 101: What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a Car?

    what credit score do i need to buy a car

    In 2017, there were more than 12,027,860 cars registered in South Africa and that number continues to climb. One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What credit score do I need to buy a car?” In this article, we will explore the ideal credit score needed to buy a car, how a […]

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    9 Genius Ways to Save for Retirement

    ways to save for retirement

    The most common ways to save for retirement are through pensions and provident funds, but for many South Africans, this just isn’t enough. If you want to live well after retirement, then you have to start saving as much money as you can as soon as possible. It’s never too early to begin! These genius […]

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    How to Build Wealth in Your 50s

    how to build wealth

    According to a recent study, doing things like sending money automatically into investment accounts and cutting out frivolous daily purchases can help you build wealth. Many financial advisors recommend starting the wealth building process as soon as possible. If you are over 50, there is no need to panic about not having achieved your financial […]

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    A Comprehensive Look into Payday Loan Fees

    payday loan fees

    According to the Transunion Consumer Credit Index, South Africans are borrowing more money this year compared to last. And thanks to rising petrol prices and the potential of more expensive imports, many families borrow even more. As the same families reach their credit limits on personal and store credit cards, funds may dry up. Payday […]

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    5 Lucrative Online Side Jobs to Consider

    online side jobs

    There are dozens of work from home scams going around South Africa. All of them have one thing in common, they want your money! Whether they try to get you to buy a starter kit or pay a registration fee, these criminals just want to con you out of your money. But it is possible […]

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    What is Credit Risk and Credit Risk Definition

    credit risk

    If you’ve ever tried to borrow money, you might’ve heard the bank officer throw around some choice words like “credit score” and “credit risk.” Ever wondered what they all mean? Well, credit risk is the potential loss a lender will incur should you fail to repay a loan. Borrowers deemed high risk are often denied […]

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    Credit 101: Fico Score vs Credit Score

    fico score vs credit score

    Credit is a big piece of contemporary life. We use it for everything from buying music online to buying homes and starting businesses. Yet, vague terms like “credit score” and “FICO score” fill the world of credit. You might find yourself asking, “What’s a FICO Score? Should I worry about my FICO score vs credit […]

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    5 Safe Ways to Build Credit

    ways to build credit

    If you are just starting out or if you have experienced a major financial setback such as bankruptcy, then you are well aware that establishing and building good credit can be an uphill battle. In order to get good credit, you have to have good credit, or so the story goes. This will take time, […]

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    Credit 101: What is Bad Debt? Are Credit Cards Bad?

    what is bad debt

    There are many important milestones in life that will require you to pass a credit check: renting an apartment, purchasing a car, qualifying for a mortgage or other loan, or even getting a job. You may have heard that, for this reason, having no credit can be worse than bad credit. This is why opening […]

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    Credit 101: What Is a Credit Builder Loan?

    credit builder loan

    Trying to get a loan can be extremely difficult if you have poor credit or no credit. It’s kind of a paradox. You need some credit to get access to the things that will give you credit in the first place. This can be pretty frustrating if you’re getting denied for loans that you need […]

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    7 Simple Ways to Save Money in Your 20s

    money in your 20s

    Being in your 20s is great, isn’t it? You’re full of hope and energy. Life is a ton of fun. But there’s no denying that the future is coming. And saving money in your 20s is much easier than trying to figure out how to make it in your 40s, 50s and beyond. No need […]

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    Credit 101: Deciding Which Loan to Pay off First

    which loan to pay off first

    If you have had to take out a number of loans for a number of different reasons, it’s likely that you’re drowning in the angst of trying to figure out where to start. Those loans are not getting any smaller if you’re not paying them, and the last thing that you want to do let […]

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    How Do Cash Back Credit Cards Work?

    how do cash back credit cards work

    With over 17% of credit cards in South Africa falling under the category of “cash back credit cards,” you may be wondering what all the hype is about. How do cash back credit cards work? Can you really get cash back from making purchases on your credit card? Are there risks associated with cash back […]

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    Credit 101: How to Get Your Free Credit Report in South Africa

    free credit report south africa

    Even though you can request a free credit report in South Africa, only 3% of the country’s 24 million borrowers have checked theirs. Additionally, 56% of South African borrowers are considered high or very-high risk borrowers. These numbers show that borrowers aren’t taking advantage of the information available to them, and this could be holding […]

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    5 Essential, Effective Entrepreneur Tips

    entrepreneur tips

    The life of an entrepreneur is full of ups and downs. But overcoming the downs to become successful is worth the battle. To get there, though, you’ll need to know some essential entrepreneur tips. Businesses in South Africa face several challenges, from attracting customers to maintaining profitability and increasing revenue. There is also the uncertain […]

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    Credit 101: What Credit Score Is Needed to Buy a House?

    what credit score is needed to buy a house

    What credit score is needed to buy a house? That might just be the most popular question we hear customers ask. Credit score is a huge part of the mortgage process, and while it’s not the sole deciding factor, it can make or break some deals. Luckily, there are some general guidelines we can lay […]

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    5 Online Jobs to Make Extra Money

    jobs to make extra money

    Are you looking for ways to earn some extra money working from home in South Africa? According to Stats SA, individuals working in the non-agricultural sector in February 2018 in South Africa have an average monthly earning of R19,858. That marks a 5 percent increase from one year before. But whether you have received a […]

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    Tips For Securing The Start Up Funding You Need

    startup funding

    Did you know that 80 percent of start-ups fail in the first six months? Even if you have a stellar business idea, there are many obstacles and challenges that you’re up against. The most common problem that new business owners face is start up funding. It’s difficult to start your business from absolutely nothing. As […]

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    How Do Interest Rates Work? A Quick Guide

    how do interest rates work

    As of March 2018, the central bank of South Africa has lowered their interest rate to 6.5%, reflecting a lessening of the rate of inflation. However, with many South Africans lacking a savings account or an adequate savings account, private loans offer competitive rates in case of emergency. When comparing these private loans one of […]

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    Credit 101: How to Increase Your Credit Score Fast

    how to increase credit score fast

    In life, fewer things are as precious as an excellent credit score. With a score of 750 and higher, banks and other lenders will be willing to do business with you. You will not only qualify for mortgages and other loans easily, but also secure them at low interest rates. Yet, over 6 million of […]

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    5 Important Lessons You Should Be Teaching Children About Money

    teaching children about money

    It’s never too early or too late to learn about money. Whether we like it or not, it makes our world go ’round. How many adults can say they’ve had an unexpected financial experience happen? Raise your hand! From childhood to young adulthood, there is a lesson for every age group. And financial habits establish […]

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    Four Things Nobody Tells You About Building Credit

    building credit

    Building credit can seem tricky, but it’s something that everyone should know how to do. If you feel some confusion about what it takes to have a high credit score, here are some tips on building credit to help you out: Keep An Eye On Your Credit Card Balances Building credit means being aware of […]

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    Credit Card vs Debit Card: Which Is Better for You?

    credit card vs debit card

    In South Africa, over three-quarters of the population has either a credit card or debit card. Nowadays with the increasingly smart methods for money transactions, we are edging closer to realizing a cashless society. Carrying a plastic card in your wallet is absolutely better than paper cash. It makes life more convenient and safe. But if […]

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    Credit 101: You Are Not Blacklisted! Blacklisting Doesn’t Exist Anymore


    The term blacklisted is usually used today to refer to an inability to access credit products. In South Africa, blacklisting comes with a unique history: until recently, the credit system only counted negative credit issues. Thirty years ago, your credit record didn’t count the bills you paid – it only reflected the bills you couldn’t […]

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    5 Incredibly Important Tips for Protecting Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

    credit card fraud

    Credit card fraud has become an all too common crime in today’s society. Its impact can be devastating, damaging its victims’ credit card score for years after the incident occurred. Thankfully, credit card companies have been getting smarter. From the implementation of EMV chips to heightened digital security, they are taking strides to help mitigate […]

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    Protecting Yourself from Fraud: What You Need to Know

    protecting yourself from fraud

    In the day and age of digital, protecting yourself from fraud is becoming more and more important. It can occur from an innocent looking email to a strange phone call, to an ad or popup online. How do you avoid becoming a victim of fraud? There are several strategies you can take that will provide […]

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    How to Get the Quickest Money Loan

    money loan

    Short term loans in South Africa are fast becoming the popular course of action to cover emergencies of all kinds. When it comes to car accidents and breakdowns, medical emergencies or even travel expenses, short-term loans can do wonders. Interested in learning more about the type of short-term money loan you qualify for? This blog […]

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    3 Things to Look for When Taking out a Loan

    taking out a loan

    It’s been a tough year for the South African economy, with GDP shrinking by 2.2% in the final quarter of 2017, and further drops expected for us in the year ahead. An unfortunate side-effect of this downturn is that more and more South Africans are struggling with only 65% of South Africans being able to […]

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    Credit 101: What Credit Card Should I Get?

    what credit card should i get

    If you want life to be more affordable, you should improve your credit score. Doing so can save you money on things such as rent, utilities, and even cell phone plans. Of course, you need a credit card to improve your credit score. Which leaves you with a couple of questions: What credit card should […]

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    A Brief Look at South Africa Credit Rating History

    south africa credit rating history

    How much do you know about South Africa credit rating? Is it strong, or is it something we should be concerned about? More to the point, how does it affect you and your finances? The truth is, South Africa credit rating history isn’t in the best of shapes. But what does this mean, exactly? Read […]

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    A Quick Financial Checklist for Major Life Milestones

    financial checklist

    Everyone should be financially prepared throughout life. There are certain milestones in life that require more preparation than others. Having a financial checklist can help you plan for the future. Of course, some of these milestones in life won’t apply to everyone and won’t happen at the same age. It’s important to understand that plans […]