5 Finance Podcasts to Help You Better Manage Your Money

Are you losing the battle with money management? It’s a struggle for many people. Especially those with student loans and credit card debt.

To manage your money, you need the right knowledge. You can pay off debt and save money by listening to experts’ podcasts.

Getting your wallet on track doesn’t have to be intimidating. The first step is learning the basics. Keep reading for 5 personal finance podcasts that will help you manage your money.

1. The Fat Wallet Podcast

This South African finance podcast is bursting with specialized information. It addresses questions many of us have but are too scared to ask about money.

In this question and answer style show, hosts explore a variety of personal finance topics. Learn about why high-earners still have debt and how to invest for beginners.

The casual, sometimes crude, conversation makes listeners feel comfortable. You can learn about money without feeling embarrassed about knowing nothing.

2. IGrow Wealth Investments

For a serious look at finance, host Jacques Fouche addresses common money concerns. His background in finance allows Fouche to provide insight and facts.

Have you ever considered investing in property? What about creating a passive income stream? Fouche shows you how it’s possible.

He also discusses why more people need to consider investments in their personal finance. This podcast helps South Africans start their investment journey.

3. Personal Finance with Warren Ingram

Warren Ingram is an experienced money manager with a knack for teaching the clueless. His informative take on our biggest money concerns will leave you feeling informed.

He covers topics surrounding money and gender, mindset, and habits. This less technical podcast is approachable and entertaining for newbie money enthusiasts.

Appreciate the entertainment in this podcast while learning how to thicken your wallet.

4. You Need a Budget

Internationally acclaimed podcast, You Need a Budget, delivers advice for all money concerns. Jesse Mecham interviews experts in the finance world on questions we all have.

Recently, his episodes covered debt addiction, budgets, and child finances. Listeners feel comforted by Jesse’s perspective and informed by his guests.

While he doesn’t give country-specific money advice, his podcast offers general strategies. You’ll learn how to change your view of money and use these strategies.

5. Radical Personal Finance

For a podcast that mixes humor, information, and motivation, look no further. Radical Personal Finance is sure to keep you entertained as you get your money in order

Host Joshua Sheats is a financial adviser with a knack for explaining concepts. He and his guests walk you through common money problems and their solutions.

For example, a recent episode discussed housing alternatives to buying a house. He encourages listeners to think outside the box when it comes to money. This podcast will motivate you to create your own financial freedom from start to finish.

Ready to Listen to One of These Finance Podcasts?

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn about finances without getting overwhelmed. You can listen from the comfort of your couch or on the go.

Listening to experts and beginners alike discuss money problems make them more approachable. There’s no shame in getting your finances in order!

For more finance podcasts, money help, and all around finance tips check out our blog.